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Leonardo Calvino (Iuri Martins’s artistic name) is a brazilian multidisciplinary artist based in Porto, Portugal. His practices are mostly developed around performative arts such as magic, theater, dance, circus and music.

As a creator, his first work is “Inercia”, a contemporary dance and circus piece, premiered in 2021, and his latest creation “Apneia”, co-created with Joana Couto, premiered in 2022 at Teatro Municipal do Porto. Since 2019, he has also been working with dramaturgy, light design and creative accompaniment, highlighting his work in the pieces “If only this was about food” and “Sinto muito”, both by Joana Couto.

As a magician, Leo performs in different venues such as restaurants, parties, weddings and other events as crowd entertaining. He also develops bigger shows for standard spaces such as theaters and lecture rooms.

As a teacher, he offers workshops and individual classes, online or in person, on the different areas of research. Because of his multidisciplinary and autodidact path, the proccess of learning and the didatics are on his best interest and the joy of sharing rooted deep in his philosophy.