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“It was just a dream”.
Normality returns quickly and sanity does not remain at
risk, just turn to the other side and snuggle back into its
own soft and confortable conceptions. “Where have I been
all this time? How many layers is there in a dream? Is life
just one of those layers? What is death, then, but an awakening?”
Why ask yourself these questions? The alarm in the
morning faithfully reminds me to forget.
But I don’t forget, not always. And the only way out is to
repeat: “it was just a dream”.
It’s never just a dream.

Conpect and direction: Leonardo Calvino
Creation and interpretation: Leonardo Calvino e Joana Couto
Production: Joana Couto
Technical assistance: Juan Fresina
Scenographic assistance: José Maurício Martins Urso
Original soundtrack: Rodrigo Ribeiro
Light design: Leonardo Calvino e Rodrigo Ribeiro
Artistic participation: Maree Lawn e José Maurício Martins Urso
Marketing and communication: Rodrigo Ribeiro
External eye: Gustavo Hjerl, Mariana Malojo e Bruno Martins
Support in tour: Dídac Gilabert e Teresa Santos

Thanks to: Amélia Sousa, Domingos Ferreira, Gracinda Teixeira, Hadrien Haie, Maria Inês Neves, Pedro Couto, Tatiana Neves e Joseph Viatte
Coproduction: Instável – Centro Coreográfico em colaboração com o Teatro Municipal do Porto e Kale Companhia de Dança
Support: AgitLAB, Estúdios Victor Córdon, nunArt, Sekoia – Artes Performativas, Teatro da Didascália