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If only this was about food

Premiered in April 2021 in the cycle Palcos Insáveis / 1st Obras – a partnership between Companhia Instável and Teatro Municipal do Porto.

“If only this was about food is a work of social confession about inherent desires, focusing on their relationship to compulsion. The whole process asserts itself as a spontaneous experience that resembles the uncontrollable side of desire itself. It’s all about food, eating, consuming and compromising but also about everything else not mentioned. It seeks its own induction by the public, presenting the work in limbo between conscience and the desire for ingenuity.”

Video capture and editing by © a-tundra – x HeadFrame Visuals/TMP.

Project supported by Companhia Instável e Teatro Municipal do Porto.
Residency support by Agitlab, Armazém 22 | Kale Cooperativa de Dança, Circolando Cia.