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Magic for Events

Leonardo Calvino dedicates himself to the art of magic with great appreciation and is happy to share with you a little of this ancient art. Specialized in card magic, the magician offers unforgettable moments of fun and wonder to celebrate your event.

The presentation adapts to the desired format, from playing with guests table by table; a collective and interactive show; to performing personalized tricks for the party hosts, always with refinement and humor. It is also possible to organize a surprise for a special guest or guests, creating an even more impressive effect and a memory that the person will take home and keep for a lifetime.

Magic has a place for all audiences! Adults and children, skeptics and superstitious… those who like to entertain themselves with the impossible and those open to deeper inquiries.

Leo Calvino

Pick a Reality

Within the vast and not well known card magic world, the Pick a Reality project is the research on both technical skills and philosophical understanding of the illusions presented for centuries by conjurers.

Leo believes that the way our brain works towards the magic experience tells a lot about our perception of reality, our relation with control and expectations on life itself.

In a very simple and metaphorical way, card tricks can teach a lot about us.

“Magic is the aesthetic exploration of mystery.”
Max Maven